As part of our sustainability commitments, 3form takes responsibility for its products over their entire life-cycle, when possible. Our Reclaim program reuses and recycles materials removed from installations or from full-sized panels damaged in production. Pieces available through Reclaim meet 3form's rigorous quality control standards, and are considered first-quality, with professional trimming to final size, as listed.


Going a step further towards Zero Waste, we're excited to now offer our Reform program, in which beautiful, and often one-of-a-kind materials are made available at low cost to artists, up-cycling geniuses, craft crusaders, and visionaries seeking great prices on truly amazing pieces. Reform materials are considered second-quality - they might be untrimmed, oddly sized, have blemishes, or have other defects - kind of like diamonds in the rough.

Important Notes:

  1. Selections in Reclaim/Reform are always changing, check often!
  2. Reclaim/Reform materials can ONLY be viewed and purchased online.

Reclaim Bowls

In another of 3form's social responsibility initiatives, recycled materials meet a great cause. We invited our employees to hand-make artful bowls from Reclaim materials, which then make wonderful gifts or sophisticated accents to your space. We then donate 100% of the proceeds from internet sales of Reclaim Bowl sales to Utah based non-profit Design Build Bluff, whose work helps provide sustainable housing to Navajo people, while providing real world experience to architecture students.

Varia Ecoresin

micro cirque

69,55 $US - 138,08 $US

wisp silver

48,21 $US

pond white out

50,60 $US

hint flow aloe

185,68 $US

noir white out

110,40 $US

genoa aloe

95,41 $US

atmosphere thyme 2

117,37 $US

cucumber G19 white out

15,05 $US

porpoise N43

30,08 $US

wave titanium

96,42 $US

mirage twilight twirl catalina B27 vapor

148,82 $US

fossil leaf random

82,69 $US - 297,64 $US

crush pure

37,40 $US

pure gold

117,37 $US

slant pure

63,88 $US

linea ivory

207,47 $US

bear grass 50 percent

69,04 $US

electric blue 2

28,35 $US

timber barcode small latitude natural

275,76 $US

quattro carbon2

185,68 $US

sahara noir vapor

32,90 $US

bear grass 50 percent fade

31,79 $US

strand lake

37,63 $US

bear grass lite

117,37 $US

chirp Y20 hush gesso ghost

30,08 $US

electra silver

75,89 $US - 151,78 $US

lasso natural

96,42 $US - 189,38 $US

ponder dark

189,38 $US

crossed color inverse calypso B23

85,04 $US

fray smoke vapor

350,16 $US

rust forge

75,15 $US


121,13 $US

amazon grove white out

14,17 $US

bamboo rings dark

111,40 $US


131,48 $US - 262,96 $US

pure silver white out

48,21 $US - 96,42 $US


58,68 $US

awash G51

10,04 $US - 17,05 $US

glow aloe vapor

35,85 $US


22,61 $US

merlot R39

131,48 $US - 262,96 $US

ridge shrimp O19 shrimp O19

28,27 $US

wave lemon lemon

14,17 $US

curry vapor curry

28,27 $US - 56,53 $US

linen white

18,81 $US

taupe ghost

19,35 $US

ice vapor

278,52 $US

sword white out

65,79 $US - 131,58 $US

champagne 2

35,83 $US - 71,66 $US

mirage twilight straight

35,83 $US

clementine O07 ghost

15,05 $US

cobalt ghost hint spray

207,47 $US

wave surf white out

137,88 $US

spun silver white out

69,55 $US - 138,08 $US

leather N30 ghost

22,61 $US - 45,22 $US

ridge shrimp O19 shrimp O19

17,93 $US


28,27 $US - 56,53 $US


55,20 $US - 110,40 $US

rouge R28 pure white ghost

55,20 $US - 110,40 $US

wizard B30 glacier

31,79 $US

atlantic atlantic glacier

14,19 $US


117,37 $US

pier B45

207,47 $US

pop clear

191,28 $US

slant pure

71,66 $US

bliss bliss glacier

244,08 $US

hint rule reef

185,68 $US

white out

43,01 $US

wave titanium

157,83 $US



55,91 $US - 111,87 $US

pixie G52

252,03 $US


133,93 $US

fountain B43 white out

131,48 $US

love r18

199,92 $US


45,83 $US

moss marigold white out

32,56 $US


227,20 $US - 430,40 $US


vitamin c ghost float large Vitamin c

66,51 $US